Video: Making a Hirth Coupling

6. September 2013

We occasionally get technical questions from our readers out there in the trenches. Some of these we editors can handle, others need more in-depth research or even expert comment. Knowing where to find the information is one of the trade magazine’s services to its readers. Increasingly, the Internet makes this locating function easier as search engines get better and better.

Recently, a request came in asking if we had any information on machining Hirth couplings. These are specifically designed connections that by virtue of their geometry provide a very strong, accurate and repeatable joint for mating parts.

The email asked if we had done any tutorials on the machining of these couplings in the magazine or if we knew of video presentations. I drew a blank because PM is mostly about precision turned parts. However, Pete Zelinski, who writes for sister publication Modern Machine Shop and is a great metalworking source in his own right, came up with this video. It’s about 9 minutes long and covers machining a Hirth coupling. In this Internet world, ask and you get.

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