The Practical Processor: April 2010

Your Processing Questions Answered

Q. Lately we’ve been using more regrind, and I am finding that the dust and fines clog up the filters in the loaders. The loaders become less and less efficient, and then I’ve got to get someone up on top of the blender to clean the filter so that the system will convey enough material again. What options do I have?
Southeast blow molder


A. Clogged filters with high dust carryover to the central dust collector can slow down your whole system. Wherever you use dusty materials like regrind, consider installing filterless loaders/receivers, which use a continuous reversal of vacuum air to provide dramatic air/material separation. The filterless design reduces the amount of dust carryover to the central dust collector. Minimize problems by limiting dust/fines at the granulator; ensure it is designed for the materials it is grinding. Keep the blades sharp, and regularly adjust and maintain the machine.

Doug Brewster, customer service manager
The Conair Group, Cranberry Township, Pa.
(724) 584-5500 •