Improve Efficiency and Speed with Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinders

February 19 - 19, 2013
2:00 PM

More sophisticated tooling technologies are always evolving. One advancement that improves efficiency and speed is the hydraulic locking core pull cylinder. By employing this method of actuating a core pull, molders can take advantage of smaller mold bases, and at the same time, reduce overall costs. This webinar will demonstrate how hydraulic locking core pull cylinders can actuate core pulls and mold slides in injection molds with much less design, machining, fitting and maintenance time than traditional slide assemblies. Primary topics (what the registrant will learn): • How do hydraulic locking core pull cylinders work? • What are the advantages of using hydraulic locking core pull cylinders compared to other methods of actuating a core pull? • What features, sizes and options are available? • Tips for installation and operation

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