interplastica 2013

January 29 - 01, 2013

The Russian economy is growing again! The effects of the global economic crisis have basically been overcome and, even if the dynamism of the years leading up to the crisis has yet to be attained again, there are clear signs of recovery in every sector of the economy, and in particular in the plastics and rubber market.

The development of key customer industries, first and foremost the packaging industry, is leading to growing demand for plastic and rubber products.


The construction industry has also recovered, although less due to major new building projects than to extensive renovation and modernisation work throughout the country, which need a wide variety of products such as insulation material, pipes, window frames etc..

A lot of small and medium-sized companies have sprung up in the last few years, which are investing in the expansion of existing capacity and the creation of new factories, not least due to state support, which is creating very good prospects for sales of raw materials as well as plastic and rubber machines.



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Moscow, Russia