Understanding Extrusion Seminar

November 18 - 18, 2013

The purpose of this seminar is to develop a thorough understanding of the extrusion process and the ability to apply it to solve actual extrusion problems. The extrusion process will be broken down into discrete functional zones: solids conveying, melting, melt conveying, mixing, and degassing. The different functional zones will be discussed in detail with an emphasis on the mechanisms at work in each zone. After establishing the engineering principles of extrusion, practical applications of these principles to screw design, die design, and troubleshooting will be discussed in detail. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and discuss actual extrusion problems. Advanced tools for analysis, design, and troubleshooting will be discussed and demonstrated in the class.

Contact: (530) 269-1082; www.rauwendaal.com.

Clearwater Beach, FLUSA