Hot melt granulation – Tips on how to properly size and select a trouble-free granulation system for hot plastic.

September 10 - 10, 2013
2:00 PM

Will any granulator handle hot plastic material? In this presentation, Dave Miller of Rapid Granulator will provide the clues to granulating hot plastic scrap in all plastic processes including blow molding, injection molding and extrusion. Dave will discuss how granulation of hot material can result in less material handling, saving floor space by eliminating cooling tables/racks, lower noise levels and process thick wall parts and scrap easier. He will also show how energy consumption will be reduced by using smaller motors and maintaining temperature for processing. Primary topics (what the registrant will learn): - Can hot plastic material be granulated successfully? - What is the best granulator design for handling hot material? - What other factors affect a granulator when grinding hot material? - Are all granulators are created equal when it comes to handling hot plastic waste? - How can grinding hot material save energy? - How to reduce noise levels and save floor space. - Managing hot regrind after the granulator.

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