Surface Finish Quality - Cosmetic evaluations with Moldflow

August 16
2:00 PM

Molded components are challenging when there is a lot of focus on mechanical and functional criteria. Critical dimensions with molded components can be extremely difficult to predict. What happens when you go through the efforts of engineering all of this correctly but there is a cosmetic issue that brings your program to a halt? Assessment of cosmetic criteria can be more challenging and the efforts to predict them, can prove to be even more challenging. 

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the challenges facing engineers, how they can be prevented, and how simulation can help. We’ll show you how to recognize possible problems and techniques to predict cosmetic issues when using Moldflow techniques as well as good design practices. 

We’ll answer questions including: 
· Items to consider to get the desired surface finish 
· The impact of cooling on surface finish 
· Use of process techniques to improve cosmetics (Induction heat etc..) 
· Impacts of color and texture on the visibility of defects like sink marks 
· Common pitfalls when optimizing parts for surface finish 

Autodesk® Moldflow, will be used to illustrate these topics but the general discussion will be relevant to all engineers, faced with cosmetic quality criteria for molded components. 

Register now and see for yourself how the Autodesk’s simulation portfolio can help you make better decisions and explore more ideas.

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