Troubleshooting Extrusion Seminar

November 20 - 21, 2013


This seminar is designed to enhance troubleshooting skills of extrusion personnel.  Extrusion problems can be very costly and it is important to troubleshoot these problems quickly, efficiently, and systematically.  The first part of the seminar covers the basic requirements for efficient troubleshooting followed by a description of useful troubleshooting tools.  The next session teaches various techniques such as brainstorming sessions, flow charts, fishbone diagrams that encourage systematic troubleshooting.  Various machine related problems are discussed in this session.

 The following session deals with polymer degradation.  First the basic types of degradation are explained followed by specific measures one can take to reduce degradation in the extrusion process.  The remainder of the seminar deals with actual extrusion problems.  Extrusion instabilities are broken down in specific categories based on frequency.  By identifying the specific category the list of possible causes can be reduced significantly.  Each instability is discussed in detail with various possible solutions.  Die flow problems are discussed in depth with solutions to each type of die flow problem.

 In the end several case studies of actual extrusion problems will be covered.  Attendees are encouraged to bring actual problems to the seminar so that real problems can be addressed in the seminar.  Attendees will be asked to submit actual extrusion problems to the instructor before the seminar so that these problems can be incorporated in the presentation and the handout material.  Finally, there will be a demonstration of computer software to aid in troubleshooting extrusion problems.

Contact:  (530) 269-1082;

Clearwater Beach, FLUSA