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How much energy can I save?

There are several answers to this, depending on the age and type of technology used in the machine being replaced and the molding cycle conditions. Ultimately, the best way to analyze this is to perform an energy audit.

  • When replacing most machines that were produced using older technology, the energy savings could be over 400%. Early machines used hydraulic and electric motor designs, which are not energy efficient. Machines with inefficient electric motors and fixed (single/multi) pumping systems are primarily those in this category.
  • Newer technology that became available in the 1980s could still see savings in the 200% range. Machines using variable flow/pressure pumping systems with and without separate fixed-pump systems would fall into this category. 
  • Today’s technology using electric servo motor controlled pump systems may see 25-50% reductions. Systems using variable frequency motors coupled to fixed pumps also provide savings, but may see performance issues.
  • In cases of long cycle times where a normal electric/pump system is operating without any work produced, you will see greater savings than you would in a scenario in which the motor/pump system is constantly at work, as would be found in a fast cycle resulting in a high resin output (Lbs/hr).
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