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A properly configured, tapered cone, slowly rotating about its horizontal axis, can act to induce flow toward discharge at its narrow end. Primarily a lower rate solution to the controlled addition of granular or pelletized color or other additives in masterbatch or extrusion operations, the cone feeding option exploits the material’s tendency to adopt its natural angle of repose as it continuously falls along the interior surface of the rotating cone… what amounts to, in effect, a long, spiral-shaped inclined plane.

Since the consistency of discharge is primarily a function of the natural flowability and consistency of the material itself, the rotating cone approach is mostly limited to free-flowing, non-clumping materials such as pellets and many granules.

Although the cone approach does not employ the concept of volumetric displacement, precise control of cone rotation speed along with the use of the material’s natural flow characteristics combine to result in excellent discharge consistency of these materials, even at very low rates. For more information visit www.ktron.com/conefeeder.

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