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Vibratory Tray / Tube

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Because of ability to gently handle and move material, vibration may be a suitable strategy to control free-flowing, abrasive, friable and fibrous materials. By specially vibrating a tray or tube supplied at one end with the material, discharge will occur at the other end. The shaking action actually tosses the material up and slightly forward during each cycle of vibration.

Neither floodable nor hard-to-flow materials are ap¬propriate for handling by vibration as this approach offers no practical means to prevent floodable material from surging or hard-to-flow materials from clumping, agglomerating, sticking or otherwise resisting the feeder’s nudgings.

In vibratory feeding, the discharge rate is a non-linear function of vibration amplitude, frequency and feeder geometry. However, K-Tron's resonant frequency drive controller compensates for the normal non-linearity of a vibrating tray and extends the turn-down feed rate capability of the feeder.

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