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Weigh Belt Feeders

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Weigh Belt Feeders
Use weigh belt feeders for gravimetric feeding at higher feed rates or where low headroom is a problem. Especially at high feed rates, a weigh belt feeder offers lower initial cost than a loss-in-weight feeder with equal throughput. Weigh belt feeders handle free-flowing pellets, powders, fibers and friable materials.

The tables below list available weight belt feeder models, grouped by feeder class, along with their associated feed rate range. To view available variations for a specific base model, and to download technical specifications, click on the model of interest.

NOTE: Clicking a hyperlink will link you to the appropriate page on the K-Tron website (www.ktron.com) where you can select from available model variations (if any) and download technical information (www.ktron.com/SWB) .



Base Model Feed Rate Range
dm3/hr (ft3/hr)*
and Notes
SWB-300 10 (0.4) to 40,000 (1,400) SWB-300-600-N
Requires Registration
SWB-600 20 (0.7) to 80,000 (2,800) SWB-300-600-O
Requires Registration
SWB-650/800/1000 2,000 (70) to 120,000 (4,200) SWB-650 plus
Requires Registration
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