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High-speed Clamp

Rand-and-Pinion Clamp Drive

Precise, High Speed Rack and Pinion Clamp

  • Sizes from 440 to 1125 tons
  • Rack-and-pinion clamp for high-speed, quiet operations
  • Ultra precision, reliable and repeatable to 0.001”
  • Advanced digital motor-drive control interface
  • Lower inertia & increased response from air-cooled AC servos.
  • Hydraulic-free operation – No hydraulic system failures. Cleaner operation.
  • Durable, balanced fully mechanical power train.
  • Precise Clamp Control: 6-step profiling of clamp close and mold protect ensures optimum operation of the clamp and accommodate multiple plate molds.
  • MOLDGUARD™ Most sensitive full-stroke mold protection

Ejection Perfection

  • High performance, durable Rollerscrew ejector design
  • No ball screws, ball screw timing or breakage
  • Rotate the nut, not a screw, for improved cleanliness
  • High-speed options – up to 15.75 inches/sec
  • Eject-on-the-fly is standard
  • Easier accessibility to knock out rods
  • Fewer components more reliable
  • EJECT GUARD™ Protects machine and mold eject mechanism from high-force eject conditions. Greatly reduces ejector pin/mold damage.
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