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Gravimetric Extrusion Control

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Designed for use in pipe and profile profile extrusion, cast sheet, blown film, cable coating, laminating, precision tubing and extrusion applications, K Tron's Continuous Gravimetric Extrusion Control package offers the ability to control extruder speed so that its output has a predictable and repeatable mass flow. By accurately measuring material throughput, gravimetric extrusion control can compensate for material and process variations and provide more consistent end product quality. This technology is most often used in conjunction with single screw, flood-fed extruders.

Benefits include:

  • Exact control of product quality
  • Significant savings in material costs
  • Highly accurate control in multi-layer coextruded film production
  • Longer production runs due to consistent extruder output
  • Early detection of problems before product goes out of spec

Gravimetric extrusion control is virtually a necessity for multi-layer coextrusion systems. The K Tron package offers a fully integrated feeder and control solution with mass flow or weight per length control, allowing the processor to set the extruder speed from the K Tron interface.

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