To Purge or Not To Purge

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Purging clears material out of conveying lines to keep them from plugging. A purge valve is connected to the vacuum take-off box beneath a surge bin or drying hopper so that after the dried material is conveyed to the process machine, the valve switches and either ambient or dry air is pulled through the material line to clear any buildup. This also preserves material proportions when conveying from a blender. The wise choice here is to purge lines of material before sending more material through the conveying line so material does not accumulate and block the line. Be sure that the control you choose is designed for purge.

CAUTION! Separation may occur requiring the use of a mixer at the machine throat.

Dry or Ambient Air Purge?

If the material you process is sensitive to moisture pickup, you should choose Dry Air Purge. Always try to think ahead about what materials you may be conveying in the future.

TIP Use purge only when necessary because it reduces energy efficiency.

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