Predictive Maintenance Sensorlytics

Sensor technology has been with us for many years. It has become so prevalent in our cities, homes, businesses, automobiles and even as wearable sensors for our bodies that it has become known as the Internet of things…or the IoT.

Prophecy Sensorlytics is bringing a new dimension to sensor technology by applying sensors to industrial machinery to provide what is being called, “Predictive Maintenance”. No longer should manufacturers employ the “run-to-failure” mentality because now, they can know in advance which pieces of equipment in their system are showing signs of wear or failure. This is exciting news for plastics processors because NOVATEC, Inc. is the first licensee of Prophecy Sensorlytics, meaning that they are bringing Predictive Maintenance to plastics processors  - which can eliminate breakdowns and unscheduled maintenance which translates to more efficient operation.

About Prophecy Sensorlytics and Biplab Pal

Biplab Pal, Chief Technical Officer Prophecy Sensorlytics

Biplab Pal (PhD, Telecommunication & Electronics Engineering ) has worked extensively in the R&D of sensor and sensor networking for process engineering.  Before starting his own contract R&D company in Feb, 2012

( Zreyas Technology Inc : for IoT and M2M systems development, he has contributed and led the development of new optical sensor technology while he worked for E+H (Endress+Hausser)  R&D in Anaheim, California. At E+H, as a lead developer and manager, he led the development of new sensor systems for UV-visible, IR range for FDA/EPA mandated quality control in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Environmental sector.  At Zreyas Technology Inc., a company he founded for development of wireless connected sensors for emerging IoT areas, he led the development of faulty earth-ground monitoring system for cell towers (for Cell phone companies like Vodafone), farming automation over a 10 km area using an extended Zigbee system for a temp/humidity/soil moisture sensor, Bluetooth based Bio-authenticated security system for community locking as well as a IR/UV based fraud detection system. In 2013, he spun off Autopredictivecoding LLC from Zreyas Technology, Inc. for development of   Big Data machine learning algorithms for extracting real time intelligence from high velocity sensor data.  He is also a board member and chief technology strategist for the American Association for Big Data Professionals ( ) for application of big data technologies in the emerging areas of IoT and high velocity machined data. 

Biplab is an alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur where he obtained BS & MS in Physics and a PhD in Electronics & Telecommunication (1996-2001). During the pursuit of his PhD, he worked in Politechnique di Turino and University of Pisa in Italy in a collaborative optical electronics research program funded by the European Union.