CompositesWorld’s SOURCEBOOK 2014 team says it’s not too late

The SOURCEBOOK’s editors allow extra time for composites industry suppliers to update listing data and ensure their place in this year’s print edition.

CompositesWorld, the publisher of High-Performance Composites and Composites Technology magazines, is in the last stage of preparation for print publication of SOURCEBOOK 2014.

“We reached the end of our scheduled 2014 campaign but realized that there were still a number of companies who have been with us for years but haven’t updated their listings for the 2014 directory,” reports Mike Musselman, the SOURCEBOOK’s managing editor. “So we’re extending our deadline — we don’t want anyone to be left out.”

The extended deadline for renewal is Friday, Sept. 23.

Notice of the deadline extension, and complete instructions on how to access the SOURCEBOOK online listing form, will be sent out this week via e-mail. Suppliers who don’t receive the e-mail can check whether or not their SOURCEBOOK listing already has been updated by visiting the Web version of the SOURCEBOOK at

Companies with a check mark after their names have been renewed for 2014.

No check mark? No listing in the print edition. “Contact me immediately to ensure that the listing is up-to-date and included in SOURCEBOOK 2014,” advises Musselman, who can be reached at “The renewal process is done online and can take less than one minute.”