ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: Polycarbonate for 3D Printing

Lower-temperature processing makes PC more adaptable to additive manufacturing.

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A new line of PC filament materials for extrusion-based desktop 3D printers has been co-developed by Chinese filament manufacturer Polymaker (U.S. office in N.Y.C.) and Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience), Pittsburgh. Until now, PC has been available on a more limited basis for 3D printers, owing largely to its high melting temperature. The new materials allow the printing temperature to be reduced from 572-608 F down to 482-518 F and boast significantly reduced warpage. PC offers higher heat resistance than most current 3D printing materials. The new materials can withstand temperatures well over 212 F, suiting them to lighting and applications that require good structural stability when exposed to heat. They also boast enhanced toughness. Initially, the line has two clear products: Polymaker PC-Plus and PC-Max.