ADDITIVES: 'Brilliant' Pigments For Rotomolding

Rotomolded products can now be made to have an attractive pearl luster effect.

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The EMD Performance Materials Group of Merck, Philadelphia, is now offering effect pigments for rotomolding. With Iriodin RMP, formulations based on the company’s classic Iriodin pigment technology, the company has made something previously impossible, possible: giving rotomolded plastic parts an attractive pear luster effect.

            With the initial launch of four products, the company is paving the way for creative plastics manufacturers and designers to capture additional markets for innovative products—hollow plastic bodies such as water tanks, trash containers, rain barrels and recycling bins, with brilliant color effects. Up until now, standard pigments with a focus on function have dominated the rotational molding markets. Previous attempts to enhance rotomolded products with decorative pearl luster effects have consistently failed. The particles did not blend with the basic polymer as desired, ending up either concentrated on the inside of the product or unevenly distributed. As a result, no two parts resembles each other.

            Merck says its Iriodin RMP pigment preparations can simply be incorporated into the polymer without affecting production time. The particles disperse evenly and give the entire end product its characteristic pearl luster. The initial four Iriodin RMP preparations include 119 Way RMP (Polar White), said to captivate with its silver-white pearl luster effect and excellent resistance against weather effects and yellowing. By contrast, 6163 RMP (Icy White Shimmer) offers and even more intensive glitter effect combined with all the advantages of a synthetic substrate. Meanwhile, 305 RMP (Solar Gold) gives plastics a touch of luxury, while, 504 RMP (Red) makes red stylings possible. The company sees the new series opening up completely new market segments for rotomolding. Products cited include flower pots or rain barrels, chairs or seat cubes, lamps, canoes or balls, and buoys and floating docks.