ADDITIVES: Broad Range of Liquid Blowing Agents

Riverdale Global has been growing its liquid additives portfolio and the newest addition is a diverse range of blowing agents.

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A new series of liquid chemical blowing agents (CBAs) for use in a broad range of resins will be launched at K 2016 by Riverdale Global, Aston, Penn. The CBA formulations in the new +Foam series include the standard exothermic azodicarbonamide, an endothermic CBA, and a combination of the two. All are used at 0.5 to 1.5% letdown ratios, which are lower than levels typically required for pellet masterbatches.

Among the resins with which they are designed are polyolefins, PS, ABS, and PPO. Because +Foam liquid blowing agents avoid the heat history required for manufacturing pellet masterbatches and are more gently mixed into the base resin, pre-decomposition of the CBA is less of a concern, the company says. For users of +Foam products based on an endothermic CBA, there is the added benefit of shorter cycle times, since the CBA adds less heat to the process, according to Riverdale.