ADDITIVES: Counterfeit Detection Color Concentrates

Teknor Color's new DeTek concentrates offer counterfeit detection with no effect on color or other properties.

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The new DeTek color concentrates from Teknor Color, Pawtucket, R.I., with their exceedingly small traces of an anti-counterfeit market or taggant are designed to allow plastics makers to ensure product safety, supply chain integrity, and brand reputation with reportetly no adverse effect on color quality or product performance.

Compatible with a wider range of thermoplastics and used at standard letdown ratios, DeTek functional color concentrates helps brand owners protect their businesses from incursions by seemingly identical fake products that lack the identifying marker. They cans also help provide assurance to automotive, electronic, medical device, and other OEMs that use components from multiple contractors for regulated or high-specification applications. The taggants are said to respond to special detection equipment but are difficult for fraudulent manufacturers to identify or copy. As a service to customers, Teknor Color can carry out an analysis of suspect products, saving them from the considerable cost of investing in analytical systems.

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