ADDITIVES: Effect Pigments In Blue And Copper Color Shades

BASF now offers portfolio of effect blue and copper shade pigments

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At last month’s Chinaplas, BASF Corp, Florham Park, unveiled its new portfolio of effect pigments for plastics in blue and copper shades. The company first launched effect pigment Lumina Royal Blue for plastics applications in 2010. The new pigment additions are Aqua, Indigo, Magenta, and Copper, all of which are characterized by their high brilliance, purity and chromaticity.

            The Blue, Aqua, Indigo and Magenta pigments cover the greenish- to reddish-blue interference color spectrum whereas Lumina Royal Copper offers an opaque, bright copper effect shade. The new series of effect pigments can be used to produce, for example, eye-catching articles for sports & leisure like skateboards and snowboards, ski boots, and children’s toys. Other fields of applications include elegantly designed packaging for cosmetic products and casings for electronic devise and household appliances such as coffee makers.

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