ADDITIVES: FEP Foam Concentrates for LAN & Coaxial Cables

AGC Chemicals' new FEP foam concentrates enhance foamed LAN and coaxial cable insulation.

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AGC Chemicals Fluorocompounds Group, Exton, Penn., has introduced fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) foam concentrates to its portfolio of FEP melt processable compounds for LAN and coaxial cable insulation. When coated with foamed insulation produced from Fluon FEP concentrates, cables reportedly demonstrate minimal distortion and signal loss, and improved high-speed data transmission.


The company’s new FEP foam concentrates, supplied in cylindrical pellet form, are added to natural FEP. They contains a well-dispersed nucleating agent that acts as a site for foaming during the gas injected foam extrusion process. Two grades of FEP foam concentrates are currently offered: A high-flow version that is said to be ideal for thin-wall applications in LAN cables; and, a low-flow foam version that is well suited to thicker coaxial cable wall constructions. These concentrates do not contain lead, hexavalent chromium or cadmium, and are used in applications where RoHS (Restrictions on the use of Certain Hazardous Substances) compliance is required.