ADDITIVES: Foaming Agents for ABS & PVC Pipe, Profiles

Processing and performance advantages are claimed for two new exothermic foaming agents for ABS and PVC.

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Two new exothermic chemical foaming agents (CFAs) from Bergen International, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., reportedly offer processing and performance advantages in foamed ABS and PVC pipe and profile extrusion. Both are said to allow for lower use levels and lower processing temperatures than other CFAs on the market, and also yield lighter extruded profiles. XO-459, provided in pellet form, is recommended for ABS pipe and profiles. It reportedly can increase line speed by as much as 2-4% compared with the industry standard. Provided in a pelletized masterbatch, XO-468 is designed for PVC pipe and profiles, where it has been shown to provide improved cell structure.

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