ADDITIVES: High-Performance Processing Aid for Rigid PVC Profiles

Total Cray Valley has developed new processing technology for rigid PVC exterior building applications.

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A newly developed processing aid technology that promises to upgrade the performance of rigid PVC has been launched by global functional additive manufacturer Total Cray Valley, Exton, Penn.

            Business development manager Anthony Marozsan discussed this development in his presentation, “New Processing Aid for Rigid PVC Profiles”, at Profiles 2015 held in June in Philadelphia. His presentations discussed the benefits of using this new additives technology to formulate rigid PVC exterior building profiles for applications such as windows, doors, decks, floors and siding.

This technology--non-acrylic and based on alpha methyl styrene--has been shown to perform better than conventional acrylic processing aids by allowing lower temperature processing, higher throughput and better impact performance. Formulations using this technology have shown a 50% improvement in thermal stability and a 10% increase in both notched Izod and instrumented Dynatup impact strength with ideal surface appearance.