ADDITIVES: Highly-Loaded Color Concentrates

Plastics Color's UltraBatch colorants positioned to compete with liquid color.

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A new line of highly-loaded color concentrates from Chicago-based Plastics Color Corp. (PCC) are designed to work in applications where liquid color is used. UltraBatch concentrates boast a much lower melting point than traditional concentrates, which creates a quicker set up, along with superior color distribution, faster cycle times and energy savings.

These colorants reportedly can be used with a variety of thermoplastics including PET, polyolefins and styrenics. “UltraBatch will be the perfect fit for the niche markets many of our customers are in. This highly-loaded concentrate provides a powerful explosion of color within a standard-sized pellet. We see loading levels ranging up to 80 percent,” says Sarah Skidmore, PCC’s additives product line and marketing manager.

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