ADDITIVES: Infrared Absorption Additive for Fluoropolymer Roofing

PolyOne Colorant Chromatics' additive boosts energy efficiency and comfort in large indoor facilities.

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A new infrared absorption additive designed specifically for fluoropolymer roofing systems used in large indoor facilities is said to redefine “cool”, by reducing the amount of energy required to cool stadiums, shopping malls, and other large indoor facilities. Based on an inorganic compoung, SiteCool additives technology from Colorant Chromatics, a business of PolyOne, Cleveland, Ohio, reduces the transfer of heat into the interiors of architectural structures by absorbing infrared energy contained within the solar spectrum.

Cooling costs are a significant cost in managing large indoor facilities. For example, the 31 football stadiums that host NFL football games alone consume millions of kilowatt-hours in energy, according to electricity marketplace The need to keep energy costs low is balanced by the desire to create a comfortable setting for attendees. According to Barto Du Plessis, general manager of PolyOne Colorant Chromatics, SiteCool helps facility management meet both goals. It absorbs up to 50% of the infrared energy contained in sunlight, but does not hinder the transmission of visible light into a structure. “Even on sunny days, roofing made with SiteCool technology can help maintain a lower ambient temperature in the stadium, greatly reducing cooling costs.”

Company officials also note how energy savings is a key consideration for new facility construction and cite the World Green Building Trends 2016 report, Basesd on responses from 1026 building professionals from 69 countries, the report showed that the percentage of firms expecting to have more than 60% of their projects certified green is anticipated to double from the current 17% to 33% by 2018. Reducing the energy required to cool a facility is an important step to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or other green building certification programs. 

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