ADDITIVES: Light Blocker for Monolayer Dairy PET Packaging

Holland Colours to unveil third-generation Holcomer UV ligh stabilizer.

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Holland Colours (U.S. office in Richmond, Ind.) is launching its third-generation of Holcomer UV light blocker specifically formulated for UHT (ultra-high temperature) monolayer dairy PET packaging. Holcomer III reportedly allows for 100% UV blocking and up to 99.9% visible-light blocking in a monolayer PET bottle, but with significantly lower costs.

The company says, this more economic version of Holcomer can help UHT milk brands save money in making the transition from traditional carton packs with little design-freedom and three layer HDPE bottles to the latest lightweight monolayer dairy PET packaging. Other advantages claimed for the highly-concentrated solid format Holcomer III in monolayer structures include, freedom of design, beautiful high-gloss finishes, no deformation, and no delamination. “As a specialist in customer-specific coloring products, we have used our experience to become the first company to globally roll out our advanced light-barrier technology for monolayer PET UHT mill packaging…Out Holcomer sparked a revolution in the dairy packaging market,” said CEO Robert Harmsen.