ADDITIVES: Liquid Nucleating and Clarifying Agents for Polyolefins

Riverdale Global's new family of liquid additives for PP and HDPE help reduce molding costs.

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A new family of liquid nucleating and clarifying agents are said to offer processors of PP and HDPE the ability to reduce cycle times while obtaining the cost and accuracy advantages of liquid additives. Moreover, the +Speed additives from Riverdale Global, Ashton, Penn., are effective at low use levels: letdown ratios range from 0.1 to 0.5% for three grades of nucleating agent and 0.2 to 1.0% for a fourth grade that serves as a nucleating and clarifying agents. They are:


• NUC-138 nucleating agent for PP, said to induce a higher crystallization temperature in the resin. This enables the molten polymer to harden at a higher temperature which, in turn, decreases the needed cooling time and shortens molding cycles.


• NUC-139 nucleating agent and acid neutralizer, said to reduce molding cycles for HDPE by adjusting the orientation of the polymer crystals to optimize shrinkage properties and avoid the long mold residence time needed to withstand the internal stresses that cause part deformation. It also functions as a neutralizer of acid residues from the catalyst used to polymerize PP. Such residues can cause polymer degradation and warpage of the molded part.


• NUC-140 nucleating agent, designed for both PP and HDPE, is said to shorten cycle times by increasing crystallization temperature and optimizing shrinkage properties.


• NUC-141A is a nucleating and clarifying agent for PP which reportedly increases the rate of crystallization in the melt phase at lower processing temperatures, enhancing clarity while reducing cycle time and energy consumption.


All four products comply with California Proposition 65 and are FDA approved for food-contact applications. They are available in pails or drums, in custom blends with liquid colors, or as one of the GlobalPlus range of liquid additives. In the GlobalPlus system, each additive is supplied in a drum with a built-in pump that stay sealed throughout shipping, handling, and processing.


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