ADDITIVES: Low-VOC 'Kickers' for PVC Foams

New generation mixed-metal activators for foamed PVC reduce organic emissions and fogging effects.

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A new generation of low-VOC “kickers” or activators for foamed PVC is aimed at improving indoor air quality. Launched by Baerlocher (U.S. office in Cincinnati), Baerostab KK-432 has been shown to reduce organic emissions and fogging effects, helping manufacturers of automotive components, flooring, and wall coverings. “Kickers” can raise or lower the decomposition temperature of chemical foaming agents (CFAs) and also serve as stabilizers.

            Baerlocher sought to meet demand from various markets for new kickers that ensure that the level of exothermic workhorse azodicarbonamide (ADCA) in a final product does not exceed the limit of 0.1%. Based on mixed-metals, the new low-VOC kickers support the industry to meet the requirements set by REACH and ISO 16000 and to conform to national regulations such as Germany’s AgBB and France’s Emissions dans l’air interieur. Further, they offer the ability to control fogging.

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