Additives Make PET Degradable

A couple of new additives have emerged to make PET bottles biodegradable.

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A couple of new additives have emerged to make PET bottles biodegradable. One was exhibited at last month’s NPE show in Chicago. EcoPure is an all-organic additive from Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC, Albuquerque, N.M. It is a new version of a product originally introduced under the name Bio-Batch six years ago. Like Bio-Batch, EcoPure pellet masterbatch is said to work in both landfills and composting, but was reformulated to degrade five times faster. Bio-Tec says it is FDA compliant and works in not just PET but also in PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS, nylon, PC, and EVOH. Because standard Eco-Pure can affect clarity of PET or PC bottles, Bio-Tec has an even newer grade, Eco-Pure G2, for such applications.
Earlier this year, Reverte additive for PET was launched by Planet Green Bottle Corp. (PGBC), Mississauga, Ont. Based on technology developed by Wells Plastics in the U.K., Reverte contains a metal ion that catalyzes initial oxidative degradation by UV light and/or heat. (A stabilizer package prevents this from occurring during the useful life of the package.) With or without such oxo-degradation, additional ingredients promote microbial degradation. Thus, Reverte is said to degrade PET in landfills as well as in water or exposed on the ground. Reverte reportedly complies with FDA, Health Canada, and EU food-contact regulations. (505) 999-1160 • (905) 502-7226 •

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