ADDITIVES: Multifunctional Additive Packages for Recycled PP

Struktol will debut four new additive packages for recycled PP.

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Four new additive products for recycled PP will be among the additives portfolio for recycled plastic compounds to be highlighted by Struktol, Stowe, Ohio at K 2016. Struktol RP 38, is a multifunctional additives package which incorporates vis-breaking technology with lubricant and odor control. It reportedly provides for significant viscosity reduction at low loading levels. Its lubricant base boasts improved processing characteristics in both compounding extrusion, as well as increased mold flow and metal release for the molder. The odor control portion aids in reducing odors associated with the recycled polymer during and post procession.

RP37 reportedly provides unmatched viscosity modification and lubrication in recycled PP compounds and resins that contain high levels of PE contaminants. Meanwhile, RP 11 is a unique lubricant package that is said to offer an unmatched combination of viscosity reduction and mold release characteristics for recycled PP resins and compounds. Loading levels as low as 0.2% result in increased melt flow and allow for significant improvements in mold filling and release.  RP 06 is said to provide similar viscosity modification and mold release combined with low odor and volatiles that are ideal for automotive applications.