ADDITIVES: Novel Heat-Resistant Black Pigment

PicOnyx's unusual black pigment is said to outperform carbon black.

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A proprietary black pigment for plastics, coatings, paint, and adhesives markets has been developed by PicOnyx, a spin-out unit of Houston-based Melior Innovations, a materials technology company that develops disruptive technologies and products. According to Melior, there virtually has been no innovation in the black pigments industry for over 100 years, and this new pigment excels in all the areas where carbon black falls short, including heat resistance and microwave transparency.


Called M-Tone, the new black pigment is a polymer-derived ceramic, primarily made up of silicon, oxygen, and carbon, and is being brought to market after two years of extensive testing and market research. M-Tone has been shown to improve hardness and thermal resistance in thermoplastics and offers electrical properties that are reportedly unattainable with current materials. All this combined with an end-cost that is reportedly 10-20% lower than competitors’ black pigments. In addition to long-term heat resistance and microwave transparency, the M-Tone pigment has matte, glossy, iridescent/pearlescent appearance capabilities, is easy and save to handle and transport, with no environmental contaminants.


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