ADDITIVES: Novel Ionomeric Additives Boost Polyolefin Properties

Total Cray Valley has come up with a totally new class of additives for improving properties of polyolefins.

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A novel family of ionomeric additives that reportedly boost polyolefin properties such as tensile strength, heat deflection temperature (HDT) and flexural modulus has been developed by Total Cray Valley, Exton, Penn. Company formulation experts presented a paper, Improving Polyolefin Performance With Inonomeric Additives, at last month’s SPE’s 2015 Polyolefins Conference.

            The Dymalink 9100 AND 9200 series of ionomeric additives have been shown to improve tensile strength by 10%, HDT by 15%, and flexural modulus by 30% without significantly adding weight. They are targeted to plastics formulations for automotive and industrial applications and beyond, according to the researchers.