ADDITIVES: Paper-Like Additive Masterbatch for Multilayer Film Products

Ampacet's unique additive masterbatch is targeted to outer layer of two or three multilayer constructions.

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An unusual additive masterbatch designed for use in flexible two or three blown and cast multilayer film constructions is said to offer the visual and tactile appeal of paper with the added benefits of strength and moisture barrier properties. Recently launched by Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y., Paper 2.0 also addresses the current all-time high of paper costs, according to strategic business and marketing manager Doug Brownfield.

The proprietary formulation has an HDPE carrier and is targeted for extrusion into the outer layer, with color extruded in the middle or inner layer, of a broad range of multilayer applications including: shopping bags; branded and novelty tape; shipping envelopes; meat and bakery wrapping; pet food bags; and stand-up food pouches. Still other potential uses include banners, maps, menus, beverage labels, book jackets, instruction manuals, and house wrap. Said Brownfield, “For flexible film converters, Paper 2.0, when used as an outer layer of multilayer film construction, eliminates the need for secondary paper lamination processes necessary with traditional paper products and the storage demand of a bulky paper inventory.”

Film products that incorporate Paper 2.0 boast excellent printability, tear resistance, film stiffness and deadfold properties. Customization options can include varied film thicknesses, textures from smooth to coarse, and colors ranging from ‘natural buff’and kraft paper to a multitude of hues and related special effects.

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