ADDITIVES: PP Waxes with Unique, Customizable Technical Properties

Green Mantra's new PP waxes derived from waste plastics.

GreenMantra Technologies of Brantfod, Canada, a reportedly rapidly growing clean technology company that produces high-value polymer products from waste plastics has launched a new line of synthetic PP waxes that are said to provide a unique range of technical properties previously not available in the market. New Ceranovus PP waxes, produced from post-industrial plastic waste and post-consumer recycled plastics such as yogurt containers and bottle caps, can be tailored to specific end-use applications.

The company utilizes a proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process to cost-effectively convert and “up-cycle” waste plastics, including hard-to-recycle materials such as grocery bags and film, into high-value waxes and other specialty chemicals. These materials have a broad range of application in the plastics processing, coatings, adhesives, roofing and paving industries.

In plastics processing and color masterbatches, these waxes reportedly can improve throughput, reduce breaks in product forming, and enhance dispersion of additives within the plastic.

For hot-melt adhesives manufacturers, these waxes can provide tremendous flexibility to adjust key formulation properties such as adhesive open and set times, and also offer superior high-temperature performance. Ceranovus waxes can also be used to stabilize or increase the softening point of commercial, residential or peel-and-stick roofing products while decreasing penetration in desired formulations. They can also improve compound stability and impact resistance.

The new Ceranovus A series PP waxes are designed for applications that are not color specific, while Ceranovus G series PP waxes are for applications that are color sensitive. They complement GreenMantra’s existing range of PE waxes that also produced from waste plastics. Ceranovus waxes have received third-party certifications for recycled content provides customers with transparent documentation and added support in qualifying for environmental product standards and green building requirements such as U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.