ADDITIVES: Process Additives for High Mineral, FR Levels

Struktol features newly developed processing aid masterbatches for high levels of minerals and FR packages.

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What are said to be unique processing additive masterbatches for compounds with high levels of mineral fillers and increased amounts of flame-retardant packages will be unveiled at NPE2-2015 by Struktol Co., Stow, Ohio. The new additive masterbatches are reportedly useful in a variety of resins, ranging from polyolefins to engineered plastics, and boast greater dispersion and processability. They are targeted for compounds containing greater than 50% mineral fillers, as well as those utilizing higher than traditional loadings of flame-retardant packages. They are also said to be beneficial in application involving difficult to disperse materials, such as pigments and natural fibers.

            • Struktol TR 451 is designed to improve the incorporation of fillers into polyolefin compounds. It is said to enable the user to increase filler content, reducing the overall economics of the compound. It also boasts significant viscosity reduction, mold release, and consistent processing. Studies show that addition of TR 451 to highly-filled calcium carbonate-PP compounds allows for higher filler loadings without sacrificing processing or performance. Also, compounders using treated fillers may be able to substitute untreated fillers in combination with TR 451 to cut cost and get performance benefits.

            The base chemistry of this masterbatch can be altered and/or combined with other Struktol additives to further enhance a specific desired property. Just one example is Struktol TR 055, a combination product designed to offer more external lubricity for improved flow and metal release. It has been shown to be very effective in automotive injection molded, extruded and thermoformed applications to replace traditional lubricants for improved process and end-product properties, including better fogging characteristics.

            • Struktol TR 251 and TR 255 are combination products that include both surfactant and lubricant technology for enhanced functionality over EBS (ethyl bis-stearamide) and other single-component lubricants in both polyolefins and engineering plastics. Both have proven to be very effective in improving dispersion of color concentrates while maintaining gloss properties. They also enhance flow, dispersion, and surface quality in applications containing cellulosic fillers and have exhibited good antistat properties in film applications. TR 255 is also made from raw material that enable finished products to meet FDA requirements.