ADDITIVES: 'Temperature' Color Concentrates Launched by Newcomer

CTI, a leading thermochromic inks manufacturer for packaging has entered the thermoplastics arena with new thermochromic color concentrates.

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Leading global supplier of thermochromic (temperature) inks for packaging Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), Colorado Springs, Col., has developed thermochromic color concentrates for thermoplastics that boast significant performance advantages.

This move marks CTI’s entry into the thermoplastics arena, says chief marketing officer Patrick Edson. “We made this entry into color concentrates largely at the request of customers who were seeking a U.S.-based bisphenol-A free solution from a company that could also provide thermochromic technology to other packaging formats.” He adds that CTI will sell its thermo concentrate pellets PowerCapsules or powders across the plastics industry chain. The thermochromic technology provides unique “hot & cold” advisories to consumers—as the inks and or concentrates are activated at set temperatures where by the colors appear or disappear.

Along with temperature indication, PowerCapsules are said to offer  the benefits of an “enviable” let-down ratio and a technology that is said to drive vibrant color and UV stability. The recyclable concentrates have been qualified in popular PP, HDPE, L/LDPE, and PS applications including utensils, beverage closures, ice-cream spoons, baby-bath toys, coffee lids and soup bowls. Adds Edson, “We know that brand owners are very frustrated with suppliers who only offer a solution for a single packaging format. Since such companies sell products in plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass, shrink film, labels and cups, they need suppliers who can take an idea and stretch it across any packaging format and support it globally. Specific to plastics, CTI needed to take a giant leap forward in technology, quality and cost. Our new PowerCapsules technology is best-in-class for UV/fluorescent light and heat stability and also offers more energy per capsule, so customers get stronger color or have the option of using less thermochromic material.