Affordable Desktop 3D Printers For Rapid Prototyping

Two new 3D printers boast affordability and broader options for modeling and rapid prototyping.

Two new 3D printers boast affordability and broader options for modeling and rapid prototyping. Available from 3D Systems Corp., Rock Hill, S.C., are the V-Flash Desktop Modeler and the ProJet SD 3000 for in-office model-making. V-Flash, priced at $9900, builds models within hours. It is the company’s first unit based on its new Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) technology. Using an intelligent, low-waste material cartridge that also houses the wear parts of the printer, V-Flash reportedly builds durable prototypes with excellent surface quality and feature detail. With a build volume of 486 in.3, it can make multiple models simultaneously without significant effect on Z-height build rate. Pro-Jet SD 3000 utilizes the company’s proprietary Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology and is designed to provide parts with exceptionally smooth surfaces and tiny feature detail for concept development, design verification, form/fi testing, and product presentations. It is particularly suited to premium consumer packaging, electronic components, medical devices and apparel accessories. The company’s MJM “hands-free” support material is said to be easily removed from even the most delicate part features. A single-pass printhead design is said to afford maximum production speed for large parts or full-platform builds of smaller parts. The unit is said to offer clean, quiet operation using standard electrical power to make fully cured parts that are safe to handle right out of the machine. (803) 326-4080 •

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