APPLICATION: Extrudable PC Used In Shell Of New Luggage

Bayer's extrudable PC produces lightweight, hard-shell suitcases.

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Bayer’s extrudable PC produces lightweight, hard-shell suitcases.

In collaboration with California-based Andiamo Luggage, Bayer MaterialScience developed an extrudable PC grade for the production of a new collection of hard-shell suitcases said to feature durability and lightweight with a soft and comfortable feel to the touch.

Makrolon ET MS240 reportedly offers significantly better surface protection. The scratch-resistant resin can be formed into a suitcase shell in a single-step process, according to Godwin Suen, a Bayer expert for the production of travel articles articles in the Asia/Pacific region. “By broadening our portfolio and introducing a product with up t four times the pencil hardness to the market, we have significantly widened the range of options available to suitcase manufacturers.”

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