ASSEMBLY: New Welders for Tiny or Massive Parts at K 2013

Three German companies with North American presence will present their latest developments in laser, high-frequency, and infrared welding.

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Three German companies with North American presence will present their latest developments in assembly technologies.

LPKF Laser & Electronics (U.S. office in Tualatin, Ore.) will launch a new contour laser welding system specifically for the production of small batches in laboratories. But LPKF’s major highlight will be the first-time presentation of PrecisionWeld, a laser system designed for welding the fine channels required for microfluidics applications in chips, connectors, pumps, and valves. It reportedly can create clear and extremely precise joints without damaging the ultra-fine microfluidic channels with particles, melt blowout, or additives. It can create welding seams only 100 μm thick. Position repeatability is said to be an unprecedented 10 μm.

Kiefel Technologies (U.S. office in Portsmouth, N.H.) will highlight a new solid-state generator for high-frequency welding of PVC medical bags. Compared with a tube generator, this modular, solid-state unit reportedly does not wear and is offered with outputs between 8 and 32 kW. Keifel will present the solid-state generator with its new KTFM  table-filling module, which allows flexible filling of bags with volumes between 50 and 6000 ml.

Heraeus Noblelight (U.S. office in Buford, Ga.) will feature new quartz glass infrared emitters and systems for welding parts from pipes, tubes, and barrels to pressure-resistant filter housings. One example is a customized non-contacting IR system for welding two halves of large, thick-walled PP swimming-pool filters. It contains one of the largest Omega infrared emitters ever manufactured. With the shape of the Greek letter omega (Ω), it has a diameter of 61 cm and a 180º gold reflector to put heat where it is needed.