AUXILIARIES: Heavy-Duty Shredders Round Out Size-Reduction Product Line

Conair's three new families of heavy-duty single-shaft shredders complete the company's offerings for plastic scrap reclaim and recycling.

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Three new families of American-made heavy-duty single-shaft shredders now round out the size-reduction products offered for plastic scrap reclaim and recycling by Conair, Cranberry Township, Penn. Included are general-purpose and high-performance models for rigid plastics, purgings and similar materials, as well as standard-throughput and high-throughput shredders optimized for processing film and fibers (including carpet). Also available on most models is an optional two-piece modular configuration which allows feeding and cutting sections to be easily separated to allow wide-open access for cleaning and maintenance.

            Model SHE Series shredders are cost-effective, general-purpose units capable of processing hard, rigid plastic scrap. They are built around a 10-in. dia. forged rotor that comes in widths of 25, 32 and 42 inches. Standard rotor drive motors are 20 hp on the two smaller models and 40 hp on the SHE-42. The rotor is fitted with a four-way indexable dagger-cut blades that work against matching bed knives. Oversized rotor-end bearings and self-cleaning, non-contaminating rotor seals are said to ensure rugged dependability when processing dusty scrap. Screens come with different hole sizes from 3/8 to 3 inches to control particle size and minimize need for secondary granulation.

            Model SHH and SHX Series shredders are extra-duty, maximum-thoughput, workhorse units for shredding rigid plastic scrap. Like the SHE units, SHH shredders feature the dagger-cut knife systems but are bigger overall, with drive motors from 60 to 200 hp as standard and optionally available up to 300 hp on the largest SHX unit. SHH rotors are 15-in. dia. and come in widths of 42, 52 and 62 inches, while the higher-performance SHX models have 20-in. dia. rotors in widths of 52, 62 and 72 inches. Oversized outboard pillow-block bearings with split housings are said to offer long life and easy shaft removal. Screens available come with hole sizes from coarse (4 in.) to fine (3/8 in.).

            Model SFH and SFX Series shredders are similar to SHH units in basic design, but they feature unique trapezoid-shaped trap-cut blades that are configured to meet the special requirements of high-volume reclaim of plastic film and fiber scrap. Clearance between the rotor blades and bed knife is extremely tight to ensure clean cutting of the lightweight, flexible material. The rotor design also prevents wrapping and minimizes the regurgitation that could cause wear and heat-generation. Rotors are 17 in. dia. on SFH with widths of 42, 52 and 62 inches, and 20 in. dia. on the higher- throughput SFX with widths of up to 72 inches. Screen hole sizes can range from ¾ to 4 inches.