AUXILIARIES: New & Upgraded Blenders at K 2013

New gravimetric blenders from Motan-Colortronic, Koch-Technik, and ProTec, plus an upgrade from Wittmann.

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A new continuous, loss-in-weight blender for extrusion will be displayed by Motan-Colortronic (U.S. office in Plainwell, Mich.). Since its main application is yarn fibers, the Spectrocolor G (pictured) comes in a high-temperature (HT) version for nylon, PET, and PBT that’s designed for material infeed temperatures of up to 180 C/355 F. It comes with a hopper loader and can handle up to six components, each with a throughput range of 0.44 to 2640 lb/hr.

Another new blender at K is the GK 65 batch gravimetric blender from Koch-Technik of Germany (represented here by YellowBox Technologies, Union, Ky.). This unit runs up to 154 lb/hr with up to four  components. This is the first Graviko product to have two synchronous load cells to improve weighing accuracy. Every filling is weighed 100 times in succession to compensate for vibrations.

ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH of Germany will show off its new Somos BB 500 gravimetric batch blender for up to four free-flowing components and 1100 lb/hr. It comes with touchscreen control and storage for up to 50 recipes.

In addition, Wittmann Battenfeld (U.S. office in Torrington, Conn.) has upgraded its Gravimax B14 batch blender to ease cleanout. Now the hoppers have a pneumatic lifting device that raises the lids with the loaders attached, avoiding the need to remove the loaders and reinstall them after cleaning.