AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Easy-to-Maintain Hopper Loaders

Units are quiet and simple to move about and clean.

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Remote-Vac hopper loaders from Advanced Auxiliary Equipment, Cobbs Creek, Va. are designed to eliminate maintenance required to change filters and replace motors on the top of hopper loaders. Maintaining filters on top of a machine waste labor, spills dust and is a leading cause of injuries. Back sprains, ladder falls and tripping on spilled pellets all cause injuries related to maintaining filters with heavy motors on chamber lids. Remote-Vac loaders use standard industrial vacuums on floor level to provide vacuum.

The supplier touts a wide range of benefits from the Remote-Vac system: They can be removed from the molding area for cleaning; have larger filters requiring less maintenance; are quiet, mostly running at less than 76 dba; can be replaced in minutes without opening the control box; are available with variable speed motors to increase motor life and reduce material degradation; feature food grade class 3A polished stainless steel.

Units are available with regenerative blowers and positive displacement pumps; replacement parts can be purchased a local stores.

Remote-Vacs have a 10-yr warranty for abrasive wear on metal parts, the supplier says.