Extrusion control and total machine controls.

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New controls at NPE this month in Orlando include the MACO Compact systems for blow molding from Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric, Ashburn, Va. The package includes the MACO Breeze IIc parison control and an operator interface based on Microsoft CE.net. This is a total machine and temperature-control package with open design to allow integration of control functions for nearly any process variable. Options include SPC, math functions, and several communication options. Breeze IIc, with 100-point parison profile and 100-point velocity push-out control, is said to be a suitable replacement for older Hunkar and Moog parison controllers.

Meanwhile, the Max extrusion control system from R&B Plastics Machinery, Saline,
Mich. (see this month's feature story), is also suitable for blow molding. This cost-effective platform utilizes Allen-Bradley PLCs and GE Ifix data-management systems, as well as an economical Windows CE-based operator interface said to offer performance similar to SCADA software systems. It offers control of extruder temperature, speed, amperage, and pressure at a finger touch. Features include logging of up to 100 variables to a USB memory stick, printing of customized production data screens, reports, and unlimited recipe storage.