BLOW MOLDING: Novel Industrial System Now Has Calibration, Trimming

Reciprocating-screw extrusion machine for larger parts has indexing mold stations.

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A reciprocating-screw extrusion blow molder designed specifically for larger industrial parts has been enhanced since its introduction last fall (see NPE Blow Molding report, June ’15). Created by Wilmington Machinery, Wilmington, N.C., the machine now includes neck calibration, parts removal, and trimming.

The system utilizes a stationary extruder and an indexing row of three to seven mold stations on a horizontal track. Each station has its own 5- to 12-ton clamp. The system boasts fast and easy changeover. A video of the machine in action can be seen here.

It is aimed, for example, at industrial containers of 1 to 5 gal, automotive underhood parts, fuel tanks for lawn equipment, toys, jerry cans, 20 L tight-head drums, hand-pump garden sprayers.