COMPOUNDING: Configure Twin Screws Yourself—Online

New lab machine also introduced.

Related Suppliers

Steer America, Uniontown, Ohio, is offering a new utility that allows compounders to configure twin-screw elements online. Available by accessing either the Steer website or, the utility includes a library of screw elements from 400 different extruders. It provides complete specifications for each type of screw element, including clearances and typical uses, allowing users to compare elements and screw setups instantly. Pricing starts at $49/month for a single user.

Steer has also introduced the Omnicron 12-mm twin-screw corotating compounder for lab and other applications. The machine features segmented, clamshell-type barrels; screw elements of special alloy steels with high wear and corrosion resistance; and screw shafts of high-alloy, hardened, tempered steel.