COMPOUNDING: New Name In Underwater Pelletizing

Small but feature-rich underwater unit.

NPE2015 marked the debut of Econ Inc., a Monroe, Mich.-based subsidiary of the Austrian manufacturer of underwater pelletizing technology.

At the show, Econ demonstrated its EUP 10 pelletizing system, running PE on a C.W. Brabender extruder.  The EUP 10 is the smallest of Econ’s underwater pelletizing systems, with outputs ranging from less than 2 lb/hr to 66 lb/hr. The unit reportedly features almost all advantages of Econ’s thermal-insulation technology, described as the centerpiece of all Econ pelletizers.

Besides underwater and air pelletizing systems, Econ’s product range includes different drying systems for pellets and bulk material, diverse screen changers from discontinuous applications to fully automatic continuous processes and pyrolysis furnaces for gentle cleaning of tools that are contaminated with plastic residues.