CONTROL/MONITORING: Modular, Compact Heat Controllers

Distributed I/O systems prevent current spikes.

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New heating-control systems from Siemens, Alpharetta, Ga., switch and control heating panels and elements in industrial applications. To be shown at NPE2015, Siplus HCS4200 is suitable for 230V networks, Siplus HCS4300 for 400V/480V networks. Modular and compact, these distributed I/O systems can be adapted to specific applications. They promise to help plant operators cut their energy consumption by avoiding current spikes.

New Siplus HCS heating-control systems integrate components such as switching elements and fuses, as well as functions such as Profinet communication, actuation mechanisms, and extensive diagnostics in one compact device. Siplus HCS systems thus require up to 80% less space in the cabinet than conventional heating solutions with separate components and are considerably easier to wire up, Siemens says.

Comprehensive and detailed diagnostic functions help users quickly detect and localize problems in the heating process—which heat source has failed, or which incoming or outgoing fuse has tripped. Diagnostic data is reported to the central system controller via Profinet.