DECORATING: Economical Dry-Offset Strap Printer

The same high-quality print is offered by a simpler dry-offset plastic strap printer as its larger brethren.

Related Suppliers

An economical dry-offset printer for plastic strapping was recently launched by Apex Machine Co., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The S-11-C Strap printing system reportedly can provide the same high-quality print as some of the company’s larger, more expensive versions.

            The S-11-C printing systems is a simpler unit that comes with a corona treater and UV dryer and can print one to three colors in one to six lanes. It has production speeds of approximately 300 ft/min per lane with a 17-in. repeat pattern. Starting price is about $100,000. This compares with Apex’s larger, more complex units that can run in excess of 450 ft/min per cycle with a 30-in. repeat pattern and a starting cost of about $180,000.

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